Allied Health One Page Business Plan – Keep your eye on the prize!

Allied Health One Page Business Plan – Keep your eye on the prize!

We all know that before even contemplating setting up a business, you must have a business plan. A solid, in-depth plan that outlines what you envisage the business to be and how you will make your money.

A good business plan not only looks at your competitors and the environment you will be working in, but helps you take stock of exactly what you can offer as a business owner and how you can sell those skills and services.

For many in the allied health industry, this step of creating a business plan is overlooked. Let’s face it, it’s the one thing they don’t teach you at university (and perhaps they should!) Too often we see practitioners jump into starting a business without analysing all the facts and figures. There are many fantastic resources on how to develop a robust business plan and even more fantastic business development people out there who can help you plan everything from staffing, taxes, office equipment etc.

During my time working with health professionals one of my first questions is – why did you start the business in the first place and what did you hope to achieve?

Most times the answer I get is – I wanted to help people. Now, this in itself is a fantastic response – but how will that help you pay the bills?

It is often at this point that I ask them to revisit their original business plan and review what they originally planned. More often than not, that business plan is stuck in a drawer somewhere or gathering dust on a shelf – and I don’t blame you. Setting up a business plan is time consuming, and in essence, quite boring. It gets written and then packed away.

This is why I want to give you my free one page business plan template – this template let’s you quickly re-write your business plan so you can look with a fresh pair of eyes.

This business plan template should not be used as your only business document but is sometimes a fantastic reminder of why you started your practice and helps you review and critique what you are currently doing.


Remember to be brief when completing the form, it is not meant to be task – it is meant to be an opportunity.

If you have any questions about the template or want some advise on where to find some more great resources to help create your own business plan.


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