Will it benefit my business to be on Social Media?

Will it benefit my business to be on Social Media?

You may be wondering, should you be on social media? The answer to this is – yes!

If you have just started your own business, the list of things you’re managing is probably never-ending and you may be wondering if Social Media is one element of your business that you need to dedicate some time to.

Social Media is part of most people’s daily lives. Being present on social media builds your brand awareness, increases your integrity and allows your clients (both potential and current) to have a direct line of communication to you.

Social media also encourages traffic to your website, positions you as current among your competition, helps your SEO and raises your profile.

So how do you choose the right social media platforms to market your business?

As tempting as it can be to be on all of them, they generally serve different purposes and attempting to fully utilise all of them realistically won’t prove effective, especially if you are spending time managing them yourself.

You should start by thinking about your target market, which social media platforms do they use?

Choosing two key platforms to market your business is recommended.

91% of brands use two or more Social Media platforms and to decide which are right for you, you should consider what content it is that you are going to be communicating? Are you going to using images, lengths of text, videos? As some platforms, will be more suited to these elements than others.

Another consideration is to look at what your competitors are using and how much engagement they are getting.

Social Media is always evolving, and this may be the case with your social media strategy.

By evaluating what is working, getting engagement and meeting your objectives (driving traffic to your website? Getting new clients? Raising awareness?) you can tailor your social media strategy so that you are getting the most from the time you spend on it.


Natalie Simpson – ESSA Marketing & Communications Coordinator